From The Management Desk

Mr. Ashwani Garg

Chairman, SVIET

I welcome every aspiring achiever to the Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering and Technology. Today SVIET has become a dream place to provide valuable educational experience to students, from different cultures and backgrounds. I am delighted to see the contributions, the students, faculty, and management of SVIET have been making towards the overall success of students across the world. We have an interactive curriculum made to provide definite learning solutions in the field of Scientific studies, Medical studies, Arts, Business & Engineering. In this world known as a global village, all boundaries and the national borders are gradually becoming more transparent. Our international collaborations have helped students to form unlimited opportunities of global exposure for our students, to excel in their careers. So join your hands with SVIET and be future-ready.

Mr. Ashok Garg

President, SVIET

SVIET has grown tremendously during the last few years and has gleaned immense appreciation for its rapid progress. The long haul from its inception to the pedestal at which it stands today is due to its enduring commitment, outstanding faculty and rich learning environment. SVIET aspires to provide quality education to thousands of students through its variegated programs, affiliated to diversified National and International Universities. At SVIET, we take pride in the accomplishments of our faculty, staff and associates and the modern learning methodologies which acts as a tool in transforming lives by challenging students to unfold their actual potential. The finesse and knack that can only come with hands-on experience is given priority in lieu of bookish knowledge. SVIET provides solution to all problems by unique offering of intellectual & academic brilliance coupled with research & development. Let’s together contribute in building skillful society.

Mr. Vishal Garg

Director Secretarial and Administration

To carry out the academic processes in accordance with global standards through active teacher-student-industry participation, we at SVGOI, insist on a value based holistic education to prepare the students for the rigors of modern society in the wake of globalization and dynamic social-economic environment. With a noble aim and sanctified mission, we are filled with indomitable courage and are confident that with the help of our dedicated faculty, staff and core associates we will prove to be magnificently prolific in molding the future of individuals and will definitely take SVGOI to the major league. Its position is analogous to the quality of education it imparts, which is amongst the best.
Adding another feather in the cap a healthy number of foreign students regularly study at the campus and number of them also visit on exchange programs, adding to the cultural diversity found on campus.
I invite you to experience this unique offering of intellectual and academic brilliance. Such a diversified collaboration gives a huge platform to build the foundation of phenomenal learning and to develop potential to manoeuvre our students to reach the zenith.

Dr. Pertik Garg

Principal, SVIET

At SVIET, we stand at the threshold of excellence, driven by the spirit of innovation, integrity, and inclusivity. As the Principal, I am honored to lead this esteemed institution, where we nurture the minds that shape the future.Our commitment to academic excellence, coupled with a holistic approach to education, empowers our students to become not just engineers and technologists but leaders of tomorrow. We believe in providing a conducive environment where creativity thrives, ideas flourish, and aspirations take flight. As we embark on this journey together, let us remember the words of Swami Vivekananda, “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.” Let us strive for excellence in all our endeavors, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.