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Master OF Business Administration

About MBA

Masters of Business Administration at SVIET was established in response to the mounting need that was felt for nurturing industry-ready managers who could efficiently manage worldwide growing industries. The program is premeditated to aid students to formalize ideas and gaze at them logically. A combination of the rigorous research-based curriculum with an emphasis on real-life applications and experiential knowledge pushes students to discover practical business solutions using the modus operandi that develop in and outside the classroom during the course duration. This course imparts a panorama, enriching the students and encouraging them to think beyond their horizons, identify out-of-the-box solutions, and challenge the status quo. The focus here is not on producing business managers per se, but socially responsible business luminaries. MBA SVIET witnesses a blend of seasoned professionals from a wide array of sectors such as manufacturing, telecommunication, retail & FMCG, banking, logistics, stock market & mutual funds, to mention but a few. Students after pursuing MBA can explore career in field of Banking & Finance, Investment Banking, and Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship, and Data analytics.

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Program Outcomes

Why Study in Master of Business Administration


An ability to navigate national and global dynamics of business and actively participate in global economic affairs

Project Manager

The ability to develop the relevant soft skills and professional ethics which are vital for aquiring the most lucrative business career

Digital Marketing Consultant

An ability to navigate the industrial dimensions of digital Marketing through effective solutions to common industrial problems inline with the latest innovation technology.

Digital Marketing Manager

Students will be able to identify , formulate, research literature and analyse complex digital marketing problems reaching substantiated conclusions using cutting edge advancements in Digital Marketing.


Master of Business Administration

40,000/-INR Per Semester

* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination

Duration: 2 Years (Semester System)


Affiliated to IKGPTU, Jalandhar Approved by AICTE

Mode of Entrance

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Eligibility Criteria


All those candidates who have passed any recognized bachelor’s degree of minimum three years duration with Mathematics / Statistics / Business Mathematics / Business Statistics / Quantitative Techniques as compulsory / Optional /additional paper as one of the subjects either at 10+2


at graduation level. OR have passed BCA course of minimum three year duration from any recognized University.

(POs), (PSOs), and (PEOs)

  • The program outcomes specify the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes students are expected to attain in courses or in a program. The six outcomes of MBA program are as below:


    PO1: Business Environment and Domain Knowledge: Economic, legal and social environment of Indian business.. Graduates are able to improve their awareness sand knowledge about functioning of local and global business environment and society. This helps in recognizing the functioning of businesses, identifying potential business opportunities, evolvement of business enterprises and exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities.


    PO2: Critical thinking, Business Analysis, Problem Solving and Innovative Solutions:Competencies in quantitative and qualitative techniques. Graduates are expected to develop skills on analysing the business data, application of relevant analysis, and problem solving in other functional areas such as marketing, business strategy and human resources.


    PO3: Global Exposure and Cross-Cultural Understanding: Demonstrate a global outlook with the ability to identify aspects of the global business and Cross Cultural Understanding.


    PO4: Social Responsiveness and Ethics: Developing responsiveness to contextual social issues / problems and exploring solutions, understanding business ethics and resolving ethical dilemmas. Graduates are expected to identify the contemporary social problems, exploring the opportunities for social entrepreneurship, designing business solutions and demonstrate ethical standards in

    organizational decision making. Demonstrate awareness of ethical issues and can distinguish ethical and unethical behaviors.


    PO5: Effective Communication: Usage of various forms of business communication, supported by effective use of appropriate technology, logical reasoning, articulation of ideas. Graduates are expected to develop effective oral and written communication especially in business applications, with the use of appropriate technology (business presentations, digital communication, social network platforms and so on).


    PO6: Leadership and Teamwork: Understanding leadership roles at various levels of the organization and leading teams. Graduates are expected to collaborate and lead teams across organizational boundaries and demonstrate leadership qualities, maximize the usage of diverse skills of team members in the related context.

  • PEO1: To inculcate knowledge in students with experiential learning and prepare the for advance study and life long learning.


    PEO2: To develop strategic understanding of fundamental principles of business and competencies in the area of accounts, marketing, interpersonal skills, human resource management and entrepreneurship.


    PEO3: To train the students for dynamic business environment and apply their perspectives through innovation and creativity.


    PEO4: To develop competencies in qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyse the business data as well as developing an understanding of economic, legal and social environment of Indian business.


    PEO5: To inculcate leadership skills, professionalism, effective communication skills, interpersonal skills and team work in students so as to enable them to manage and collaborate in diverse work environments.


    PEO6: To develop responsiveness to social issues and ability to identify business solutions to address the same. Students will also be able to understand the issues of business ethics.


“To be a globally recognized center of excellence in computer science and engineering, producing competent and socially responsible professionals and researchers. We strive to be at the forefront of technological advancements, cultivating a culture of continuous learning, and contributing to the sustainable development of our nation and the world.”


“To foster excellence in computer science and engineering education by providing a transformative learning environment, conducting cutting-edge research, and nurturing innovation and creativity. We aim to empower our students with knowledge and skills that enable them to make significant contributions to society, industry, and academia.”

Top Campus Recruiters

Course CodeCourse Titles
MBA 101-18Foundations of Management
MBA 102-18Managerial Economics
MBA 103-18Quantitative Techniques
MBA 104-18Accounting for Management and Reporting
MBA 105-18Business Environment and Indian Economy
MBA 106-18Business Ethics and CSR
MBA 107-18Business Communication for Managerial Effectiveness


Course CodeCourse Titles
MBA 201-18Business Analytics for Decision Making
MBA 202-18Legal Environment for Business
MBA 203-21Marketing Management
MBA 204-18Human Resource Management
MBA 205-18Production and Operations Management
MBA 206-21Corporate Finance and Policy
MBA 207-18Entrepreneurship and Project Management
MBAGE 201-18Computer Applications for Business
Course CodeCourse Title
MBA 301-18Organizational Behaviour & Design
MBA 302-18Marketing Research
 Elective -I,Elective -II,Elective -I,Elective -II
HVPE101-18Human Values, De- addiction and Traffic Rules
HVPE 102-18Human Values, De- addiction and Traffic Rules (Lab/ Seminar)
MBA 303-18Seminar on Summer Training Report
MBA 304-18Comprehensive Viva-Voce


Course CodeCourse Titles
MBA 401-18
Corporate Strategy
Elective -III
Elective -IV
Elective -III
Elective -IV
MBA 402-18Viva-Voce for Project / Dissertation
MBA 403-18Workshop on Indian Ethos