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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Research Document

Treasure of knowledge

The repute of the university relies on standards and ethics that it propagates in rendering research activities carried out by the scholars. The code hence intends to outline the mannerisms of research scholars registered for their doctoral program in dealing with the academic community, contemporaries, and public at large in terms of disciplines and behavior all the while being sincere and diligent to uphold the mission of the university and hence instilling greater trust among all stakeholders.


Welcome to the Research Advisory Committee

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SVIET is committed to ensuring that all activities that encompass the university and in particular those including research are facilitated to the highest of standards as well as upholding legal, ethical, and safety norms.

Research Advisory committee

Our committee members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from diverse disciplines, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to research. Through their collective wisdom, they provide guidance and support to faculty, researchers, and students, enabling them to pursue impactful research endeavors and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

Ethics committee constitution

Our Ethics Committee provides guidance and support to researchers, faculty, and students, assisting them in navigating complex ethical issues that may arise during the research process. Researchers are encouraged to consult with the committee at the early stages of their project development to receive valuable input and ensure compliance with ethical guidelines. The committee also offers educational resources, training workshops, and seminars to promote awareness and understanding of ethical principles in research.

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we believe in educating our students and researchers about the significance of academic integrity. We provide training and resources on proper citation practices, paraphrasing techniques, and the responsible use of sources. By promoting awareness and offering guidance, we empower our academic community to produce original, well-referenced work that contributes to the advancement of knowledge.