Learning Management System

About the LMS

In order to provide the students with a technical edge, SVIET incorporates LMS into its teaching and learning methodologies. Students are provided with study materials in a variety of formats (notes, PPT, question bank, case study, videos, etc.).

Learning Takes A New Form

Each semester, the relevant topic faculty prepares a comprehensive course pack that contains session plans and reading materials and makes it available to the students via an online learning environment. Through the LMS, students may access a detailed session schedule as well as study materials to help them be ready for each session.

This will encourage students’ interest and provide them the opportunity to share new information throughout the lesson. As a result, the whole learning process becomes participatory.

Faculty members use instructional techniques that are supported by Information & Communications Technology (ICT) in classrooms.

The learning management system (LMS) consists of an FTP server, Google Classroom, mail, and online messaging tools.

Through the library, students are granted access to online learning materials. E-learning tools also include study materials distributed by subject professors, e-books, and e-journals.


Apart from study materials LMS covers teaching learning planning.