The healthy Global cultural campus we have at SVIET is very well known. We have already focused on creating a friendly, learning and interactive environment for various students coming from different cultures. Our various internation partnership and associations helps us to provide our students an experience of the most enriching global academic exposure. With the help of our international links, we were able to create, for our students, a successful, safe and culturally diversified way of learning and growth.

Cultural Exposure in SVGOI

For us, culture is a process that keeps us humble and rooted in the culture. Our Vision to maintain our cultural heritage during this era of globalization where the culture never ramains the same. SVGOI has organized cultural events from time to time,where the students of SVGOI have prepared engaing cultural activities. Our talented students always prepare activities that are beyond the imagination to express cultural beliefs. The student of SVGOI are all from different parts and regions of the world,which makes the cultural events even more special. we provide you a cultural heritage with a touche of modernity.

Embracing Global Heritage​

SVGOI embraces its globally diverse campus as a powerful symbol of solidarity. To honor and celebrate each nationality’s unique heritage, the institution organizes an annual Cultures event. This event showcases various cultures and nationalities through vibrant celebrations tailored to their customs and traditions. Through cultural performances, exhibitions, food festivals, and interactive sessions, SVGOI creates a platform for students, faculty, and staff to appreciate and learn from each other’s rich backgrounds. The event promotes intercultural understanding and fosters an inclusive and vibrant campus environment.

Sporting Excellence

SVGOI college is dedicated to nurturing sporting excellence among its students. With a focus on physical fitness and sportsmanship, the college provides top-notch facilities and support for athletes to excel in their chosen sports. Students have access to state-of-the-art sports facilities, including well-equipped gyms, indoor and outdoor arenas, athletic tracks. These facilities create an ideal environment for students to train and enhance their skills.

SVGOI actively promotes student participation in intercollegiate tournaments and competitions. The college organizes sports events and encourages students to represent the institution at various levels. Through these competitive platforms, students can showcase their talent, gain valuable experience, and build confidence. By actively engaging in sports, students develop essential life skills such as leadership, resilience, and a strong work ethic.In summary, SVGOI college prioritizes sporting excellence through top-tier facilities, dedicated coaching, and opportunities for students to participate in competitive sports. The college believes in the holistic development of students and recognizes the significant role sports play in shaping their character and fostering a spirit of healthy competition.