Our Core Values


Value and Outcome Based Education

We value student-centered teaching and learning processes that are results-oriented, while also upholding social justice, discipline, punctuality, honesty, and commitment through example and practise within the institution.


Continuous Improvement:

Through the evaluation of programme efficacy, student learning outcomes, and our decision-making procedures, we place a high importance on continual development. These evaluations help us raise the calibre of our practises, programmes, and instruction.


Transformational Learning and Holistic Development

We value and encourage critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and multidisciplinary research. As lifelong endeavours that foster transformative personal and professional development, we respect learning and the pursuit of knowledge.


Academic Excellence and Success

We place a high focus on education that is created to satisfy the career and transfer needs of our community through excellent teaching practises and promoting graduate education innovation/research.


Environmental Sustainability

We place a high priority on adopting measures to save the environment for coming generations and communicating these values to others.