Research & Consultancy Policy

Our Vision

The University is dedicated to pursuing excellence in research and development, and it aims to complete a variety of research programmes and initiatives across a broad range of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary streams, including engineering and technology, basic sciences, humanities and social sciences, legal studies, management, commerce, hotel management, pharmacy, and medical science. The University upholds the highest norms and standards of a scholarly endeavour to guarantee that all of the core and interdisciplinary topics flourish in research. This paper offers details on the University’s numerous research policies and outreach initiatives. It outlines the principles that are taken into consideration while planning and conducting research. The guiding principles that are strictly adhered to while recording, reporting and applying the results obtained are emphasized.


Opportunities and Results


To encourage the publication of research papers in refereed and high H-index journals, with an emphasis on basic, applied, and developmental research.

To integrate the four elements of research & development i.e. people, ideas, funds and culture in order to have quality research and development activities.

Develop interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research clusters and identify the key areas of interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and collaborative research in business and academia at the national and international levels.

To publish University journal, and further to create opportunities for publication of quality research papers from interdisciplinary & multidisciplinary areas